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The Beacon has won 10 regional Mark of Excellence awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. The competition includes collegiate newspapers from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. The Beacon competed in the “small” university/college category (5000 or fewer undergrads).

What we don’t know is whether the awards were for First, Second or Third Place. That will be announced at the SPJ regional conference at Gonzaga the weekend of April 13. First Place finishers advance to the national SPJ Mark of Excellence competition.

Here’s the list of award-winners from The Beacon:

Editorial Writing – Caitlin Yilek
Best All-Around Non Daily Student Newspaper  – Beacon staff
Breaking News Photography “She said yes!” -Jackie Jeffers
Feature Photography  “The story behind the ink” by Giovanna Solano
Feature Writing “Molly’s Legacy: Hope for Haiti” – Kate Stringer
General Column Writing Sarah Hansell, Amanda Munro & Lydia Laythe
General News Reporting “Access Denied” – Phillip Ellefson
General News Reporting “Students Cooperate but still can’t party”-Kelsey Thomas
In-Depth Reporting “What’s in our air?” – Rosemary Peters
Sports Photography “Round Two!” -Jackie Jeffers

-Nancy Copic

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