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Click below to see Portland Magazine (Summer 2020) article by Roya Ghorbani-Elizeh

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Some photos from our Goodbye Party…


2016-17 Editor-in-Chief Malika Andrews reflects on her time at The Beacon before turning the job  (and crown)  over to 2017-18 EIC Rachel Rippetoe



Managing Editor Clare Duffy offers advice and encouragement to her successor Olivia Sanchez (right)



Rachel Rippetoe presents a gift to the new Living editor, Hannah Sievert.



Seniors with Beacon adviser Nancy Copic. L to R:  Kristen Garcia, Ben Arthur, Cheyenne Schoen, Nancy Copic, Malika Andrews, Sal Aversa, Clare Duffy



Group hug


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The Beacon’s transition from a weekly newspaper to an all digital 24/7 news outlet has turned into a model that student media organizations at other colleges and universities apparently are watching. CMA invited The Beacon to lead a session on the subject at the New York conference.

Beacon adviser Nancy Copic leading “Diving into Digital” session.

Malika, Clare and I worked as a team in telling our counterparts from other schools how we changed our approach to our work, overhauled our workflow and implemented rolling deadlines, incorporated multimedia and inforgraphics in our storytelling and how we use analytics as a motivator.

Beacon Editor-in-Chief Malika Andrews talks about the transition from weekly newspaper to all-digital campus news outlet.

Clare new york download 1

Managing Editor Clare Duffy describes the big change in Beacon workflow since going all-digital.

The Beacon’s Dynamic Duo

Watching Clare and Malika, I felt nothing but pride at their leadership over the past year and their professionalism during the session itself. Throughout the rest of the conference, we were all approached with positive feedback and questions about how we do what we do. Because Malika is also headed to the New York Times to be a James Reston Fellow after graduation, she was also asked to be on a panel about successfully moving from college media into the professional world. She was the talk of the conference after that.

Group text from Beacon photographer Jeff Braccia:

text 1 text 2text3

-Nancy Copic

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Photo by Hannah Baade|The Beacon


A TV panel discussion that will air on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes on Oct. 12 will feature Beacon Editor-in-Chief Malika Andrews.

 Andrews, a senior, will appear with two other panelists discussing women in sports during the 4-minute segment, which will be taped at ABC studios in New York City on Oct. 9. The segment will be part of an hour-long “One Nacion” special marking Hispanic Heritage month.
ESPN SportsCenter anchor Toni Collins will moderate the panel, which will also feature  journalist Denny Alfonso, who covered the Rio Olympics for ESPN, and a prominent female athlete yet-to-be announced. Andrews will speak from the point of view of a college woman covering sports.
Andrews received the invitation from ESPN while attending the recent Online News Association (ONA) conference in Denver with Beacon adviser Nancy Copic and three other student journalists from The Beacon. She made her initial contact with ESPN at a convention she attended with Beacon staff a year earlier.
“The Beacon put me in a position to succeed,” Andrews says. “On the most basic level, The Beacon allowed me to go to ONA and network with people at ESPN. And on a larger scale, I’ve learned the journalistic writing and reporting skills I need to be noticed.”
Andrews, who is from Oakland, Calif., joined The Beacon as a sports reporter during fall semester of her sophomore year. She was promoted to Sports Editor the following semester. University President Fr. Mark Poorman appointed Andrews Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon last February.
Last summer, Andrews was one of 12 college journalists in the nation selected to take part in the Sports Journalism Institute, which hosts a one-week journalism workshop, then places the college journalists in paid internships in major media organizations. In her internship in the sports department at The Denver Post , Andrews covered the Las Vegas NBA Summer League, the NBA Draft and the Denver Broncos training camp.
The previous summer, Andrews was an intern at KOIN-TV, the CBS affiliate in Portland.
Andrews’ reporting for The Beacon has won awards at the national level, most recently the National Association of Black Journalists’ Salute to Excellence Award for collegiate sports reporting. Last spring she won Best Writing and Best Sports story in the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association collegiate awards.
Andrews is one of 9 students in the country to receive a Sinclair Broadcast Group Diversity Scholarship and 1 of 4 recipients of a national Associated Press Sports Editors Scholarship.
Somehow, Andrews manages to juggle all this while supervising more than 2 dozen student staffers and overseeing The Beacon’s transition to an all-digital media outlet.  She credits The Beacon with getting her this far.
“I wasn’t expecting to be featured on network television as an undergraduate, ” she says.  “But now that I do have that opportunity, The Beacon has put me in a spot where I feel confident enough in my skills to accept.”
You can watch Andrews’ segment Oct. 12 at 4 p.m.(PST) on ESPN2 and online after that.
-Nancy Copic, Ass’t Director for Student Media


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There is innovative, rich journalism happening on digital sites. Examples:  “The Counted Project” by Guardian U.S.;  the Online Journalism Awards winners including OPB’s coverage of the Oregon Standoff in Malheur County.

Publishers are dependent on Facebook in a big way to get their content out there, for better or worse. Also, Facebook Live video might be useful in increasing Beacon engagement/coverage.

Fidji Simo Director of Product, Facebook

Fidji Simo
Director of Product, Facebook

From the data analysts at Chartbeat:

Facebook traffic peaks at 10 p.m. Is there a mismatch between when we are posting and when users are on Facebook?

Emotion drives social shares.

Stories popular in Google search are information-driven. People search for specific topics of interest to them.

Affirmation of the importance of  The Beacon staying UP-centric: Websites that stay true to their mission (their “niche”) have the most loyal audiences.


“We are in a post-broadcast world.” – Ashley Codianni, Director of Social Media for CNN. Customize to platforms. At CNN, social is considered part of the process, not an afterthought.

“Reimagining what content is for every platform.”

In this election season: “Make sure your social media feeds are fact-checking candidates.”


Cheyenne Schoen, Claire Duffy, Nancy Copic, Malika Andrews, Ben Arthur


There are jobs out there for sharp college graduates with digital and journalism skills and experience via student media and/or internships.

ONA job board

ONA job board


Tools and strategies working with a staff that can’t be in the same room: This session was practically a love letter to Slack. One piece of advice that resonated with me, the same advice I give students: Don’t have difficult/emotional conversations via text messaging.


Nancy Copic, Ben Arthur, Cheyenne Schoen, Malika Andrews, Clare Duffy

You cannot overestimate the value of giving ambitious students the opportunity to learn and network with professionals.



-Nancy Copic, Ass’t Director for Student Media

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Clare Duffy, Nancy Copic, Malika Andrews, Katie Dunn

by Katie Dunn |

In light of the recent news of The Beacon going all-digital next year, attending the Online News Association conference in Los Angeles was incredibly useful and timely. I had known for about a month about the change before we went to the conference so I knew some things I wanted to learn. I learned those things and more over the few days I was there.

It wasn’t crucial that I knew about the change before the conference, it is the online news conference after all, but it did give me time to have questions I wanted to find answers to. One of those things was, ‘how can we make webpages more engaging for readers?’ I went to many design-focused sessions, but the best one was, Interactive Graphics for the Newsroom Couch Potato. I will openly admit I am not a tech guru when it comes to programing and working on the back end of websites. This session felt like something that would appeal to the average journalist that isn’t tech savvy either. If you want to browse the presentation I saw, here’s the link.

Here’s a few key programs I learned about:

  • Charts
    • Chartbuilder- Static and simple
    • Datawrapper
    • Silk
  • Maps
    • Mapbox
    • Cartodb
  • Sound
    • Soundcite JS- Add in text with Soundcloud
  • Timeline JS
  • Tarbell- beautiful, interactive pages
  • More heavyweight tools:
    • d3.js- charts
    • Mapzen- Metro extracts for a city
    • Landline- Maps of the U.S.
  • Colors
    • Wes Anderson Paletts on Tumblr
    • Color Brewer

I also learned about Tableua, a desktop chart making program that I heard about from the Midway area. I downloaded it for free because I’m a student and played around a little making a chart for our College Scorecard story. The best part of using this was the fact I could go back to the Midway the next day and ask questions directly to someone. This program is great, although hard to use with multiple data sets.IMG_5002

I had some fun on the Midway, getting a cartoon of me drawn in about five minutes. Really amazing to me since I have never been much of an artist.

The one session I went to that probably had no real relevance to The Beacon was the Sprinkling Pixie Dust on Immersive Events. It was put on by Disney’s parade creator. I have always had a passion for Disney and knew I wanted to go to this session as soon as I saw it. Steve the presenter said that he does what he does because he just wants to show the magic of Disney. He showed how they plan every part of the parades and shows, pretty much having no limitations on how big he could go.

On Saturday, my mom and I went to Disney and I made a point of standing on Main Street to watch the fireworks show. It was so magical and the coolest show I have ever seen.

I’m so glad I was able to go to the conference, network and meet professionals in the business as well as a few other students that attended. Online is the present and the future, which is really inspiring and exciting.

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