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One of the keynote speakers at the NYC College Media Convention was former White House correspondent Helen Thomas, 90, who was condemned by some (including President Obama) for comments she made during this exchange last spring.

At the convention, Thomas stood by her remarks on Israel, repeatedly saying, “Stop taking what doesn’t belong to you.”

One student, an Israeli attending the University of Massachusetts in Boston, asked Thomas where she should go if the Jews should leave Israel. Thomas’ reply: “Come to America.”

More on Thomas’ appearance at the convention and why she wants an apology from Barack Obama  here.-Nancy Copic


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Thanks to my good friend and former KGW colleague, Steve Frank,  digital producer for “In the Arena,” Eliot Spitzer’s show on CNN (Is he running for NYC mayor in 2013?), we received a lovely private tour of CNN’s New York studios. Though we posed (above) at Anderson Cooper’s anchor desk, he was not in the studio that night because  he was  in Japan covering the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis.

Most interesting to me personally: Steve’s search engine optimization tricks. He’s an SEO wizard!

It was also fun for the students to be in the control room during the broadcast. Adrenaline plus.

Nancy Copic, adviser to The Beacon

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In just a few hours, Rosemary Peters, Hannah Gray, Caitlin Yilek, Corey Fawcett and I will board a plane for New York for the College Media Convention. Watch for postings from them (including photos) over the next few days. Exciting adventures await!

Let’s hope it’s a different kind of excitement from the kind that visited our last deadline night, when the server crashed and took all the almost-finished pages to somewhere unreachable. But the editors were troupers, starting from square one with very little fuss.  And Ad Mgr. Emily Lindgren came in along with designer Andrea Jackle to place the ads all over again.  I was so impressed with everybody’s professionalism under duress, I just had to document the event photographically:

Remarkably, Aaron missed the whole thing. He was at dinner when the crash happened and returned soon after the server was back up again. Good timing, Aaron. As usual.


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