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The Beacon took home 22 (!) awards from the statewide collegiate competition sponsored by the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, including nine FIRST PLACE awards in the following categories:

  • Best Writing- Laura Frazier
  • Best News Story- Consequences: Drinking without thinking by Laura Frazier
  • Best Feature Story- Back to The Bluff after ‘Big Bang’ break by Natalie Wheeler
  • Best Sports Story- Finding the balance by Bruce Garlinghouse
  • Best Section- Hannah Gray, Rosemary Peters
  • Best Special Section- Elizabeth Tertadian, Sarah Hansell, Kate Peifer, Sports staff
  • Best Series- Rip City Classic by Jason Hortsch, Kyle Cape-Lindelin, Bruce Garlinghouse, John McCarty
  • Best Columnist- Caitlin Yilek
  • Best Spot News Photo- Christina Nelson

Laura Frazier, Natalie Wheeler, Shellie Adams, Jason Hortsch, Liz Tertadian and Rosemary Peters bask in the glory after the ONPA awards ceremony on May 11.

The Beacon won the following SECOND PLACE AWARDS:

  • Best Writing – Natalie Wheeler
  • Best Feature- Impossible is nothing by Laura Frazier
  • General Excellence
  • Best Series- Bon Appetit by Natalie Wheeler, Will Lyons, Rachel McIntosh
  • Best Review- Po’Shines by Jocelyne LaFortune and Caitlin Yilek
  • Best Cartooning- Ann Truong
  • Best House Ad- Student Media Open House by Rosemary Peters

Honorable Mention:

  • Best Section- Catilin Yilek, Rosemary Peters
  • Best News Story- Would you pay $6.95 for this? by Natalie Wheeler
  • Best Editorial- Caitlin Yilek and Rosemary Peters
  • Best Graphic- Shellie Adams
  • Best Sports Photo- Bill Michielsen
  • Best Cartooning- Ann Truong

Congratulations everyone!

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Thanks to my good friend and former KGW colleague, Steve Frank,  digital producer for “In the Arena,” Eliot Spitzer’s show on CNN (Is he running for NYC mayor in 2013?), we received a lovely private tour of CNN’s New York studios. Though we posed (above) at Anderson Cooper’s anchor desk, he was not in the studio that night because  he was  in Japan covering the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis.

Most interesting to me personally: Steve’s search engine optimization tricks. He’s an SEO wizard!

It was also fun for the students to be in the control room during the broadcast. Adrenaline plus.

Nancy Copic, adviser to The Beacon

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Happy trails, Andy!

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Watch for it this Thursday, April 15!

First issue of The Beacon- 1935

Beacon staff 1948

2001 staffers celebrate award-Nathan Dinsdale, Casey White, Sarah Ogle, Clinton Vining(1998) Joe Freeman-former Beacon asst. news editor, sports editor and news editor. CUrrently covers the Trailblazers for The Oregonian

Joe Freeman

(1976 photo)Former Beacon sports editor and editor-in-chief Pete Lesage, currently front page and Sunday editor for The Oregonian

1986-87 Beacon editor-in-chief Dan Christopherson, currently a sportscaster at KOIN TV

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