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From today’s awards ceremony of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Collegiate Day:

1st Place:

Best Section– Hannah Gray, Rosemary Peters, Enid Spitz, Laura Frazier  (Beacon News Section: The Road to River Campus & Your Safety on and off campus)

Best Series– Andy Matarrese, Laura Frazier  (Foundation president withdraws from gala  / GSP works with UP administration)

Best Sports Story– Bruce Garlinghouse  (BOOM! Pilots fly high over No. 24 St. Mary’s)

Best Graphic -Rosemary Peters

2nd Place:

Best Photography– Kevin Kadooka  (BOOM! Pilots fly high over No. 24 St. Mary’s; Homecoming 2010;The inside scoop on the bell tower)

Best Review -Enid Spitz  (Eat at Le Bistro Montage)

Honorable Mention:

Best News Story– Philippe Boutros, Hannah Gray  (Campus-wide alert leads to arrest)

Best (Features) Section– Roya Ghorbani-Elizeh, Laura Frazier, Rosemary Peters, Elizabeth Tertadian (Living/Feature section)  From hall director on The Bluff to cop on the street and likealittle:Online flirting captures UP)

Best Special Section– Rosemary Peters, Andy Matarrese, Staff  (75th Anniversary of The Beacon)


According to the ONPA, 17 Oregon collegiate newspapers submitted a total of 603 entries. Congratulations one and all!


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Rolling Stone is my favorite magazine. So naturally, I was holding back fist pumps when I found out I would be able to tour the legendary mag’s headquarters at the convention this weekend. I must have texted ten people the morning before the tour, using emoticons and exclamation marks generously.

19 other conventioneers and I walked to the headquarters, which were located in downtown NY in an inconspicuous skyscraper. After signing in, we headed to the second floor where we met the deputy art director of Rolling Stone, Steven Charney. He lead us through Men’s Health and US Weekly headquarters to get to the Rolling Stone offices.

The first thing we saw was a wall of Rolling Stone covers dating back to 1967, when the magazine was created. Then we walked through the cubicles, stopping frequently to admire artwork that had been featured in the mag. We also saw spreads for the upcoming issue and a “special” issue that will cover the 100 best musicians of all time. Our last stop before Charney’s office was the music room, where up-and-coming artists play for the Rolling Stone staff. One of the most recent performances was given by Mumford and Sons. (!)

When we got to Charney’s office, we met Rolling Stone managing editor John Dioso. The two talked at length about their professional pasts. Charney studied illustration in college where he drew pictures for the weekly newspaper, and went on to work as a designer and assistant art director for various lesser known publications before signing on as an art director at Rolling Stone. Dioso worked as an editor (copy, associate, assistant, managing) for a bunch of different mags like US Weekly, National Geographic Adventure, and New York Magazine before coming to Rolling Stone.

Although the two have completely different jobs, they both emphasized…

1) that the media industry is cutthroat. They’d both been laid off or fired at some point.

2) that networking is important.

3) that you always have to be on your toes when working for a magazine. (When Michael Jackson died, they had a week to put together a tribute issue.)

3) that it had always been a dream to work for Rolling Stone, and they find their work very exciting and rewarding.

I left after shaking hands with Dioso and Charney, feeling pretty awestruck and inspired. Getting a job at such a high-profile magazine has to be crazy difficult, but hey, someone’s gotta do it. Dioso and Charney both dreamed about working for Rolling Stone when they were young. Who’s to say it won’t be you next?


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In just a few hours, Rosemary Peters, Hannah Gray, Caitlin Yilek, Corey Fawcett and I will board a plane for New York for the College Media Convention. Watch for postings from them (including photos) over the next few days. Exciting adventures await!

Let’s hope it’s a different kind of excitement from the kind that visited our last deadline night, when the server crashed and took all the almost-finished pages to somewhere unreachable. But the editors were troupers, starting from square one with very little fuss.  And Ad Mgr. Emily Lindgren came in along with designer Andrea Jackle to place the ads all over again.  I was so impressed with everybody’s professionalism under duress, I just had to document the event photographically:

Remarkably, Aaron missed the whole thing. He was at dinner when the crash happened and returned soon after the server was back up again. Good timing, Aaron. As usual.


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Click here to get to the special section on Issuu.com. From there, you can also download it as a PDF file and print it.

2009-2010 Beacon Staff

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