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KOIN TV News Director joins our Zoom meeting

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Newsroom Halloween 2021

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Matt Kish, longtime reporter with the Portland Business Journal recently joined Business Insider. He has generously mentored many Beacon staffers, former and current, including this year’s editor-in-chief Austin De Dios.

Matt came to our staff meeting last week, telling us the stories behind many of his stories. He also shared his reporting and interviewing strategies.

Editor-in-Chief Austin De Dios, whom Matt mentored through an internship at the Portland Business Journal, with Matt after the meeting. Notice Matt’s stylish new beanie!

One of the Beacon staffers Matt mentored was Clare Duffy (’17), now a reporter at CNN Business. On the day Matt visited our staff meeting, Clare had appeared on television, where the CNN anchors interviewed her about her “devastating” reporting as part of the Facebook Papers.

The Beacon staff, along with Matt, watched a replay of the interview.


Beacon staff watch former Beacon News and Managing Editor Clare Duffy (’17) being interviewed on CNN

-Nancy Copic

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