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From today’s awards ceremony of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Collegiate Day:

1st Place:

Best Section– Hannah Gray, Rosemary Peters, Enid Spitz, Laura Frazier  (Beacon News Section: The Road to River Campus & Your Safety on and off campus)

Best Series– Andy Matarrese, Laura Frazier  (Foundation president withdraws from gala  / GSP works with UP administration)

Best Sports Story– Bruce Garlinghouse  (BOOM! Pilots fly high over No. 24 St. Mary’s)

Best Graphic -Rosemary Peters

2nd Place:

Best Photography– Kevin Kadooka  (BOOM! Pilots fly high over No. 24 St. Mary’s; Homecoming 2010;The inside scoop on the bell tower)

Best Review -Enid Spitz  (Eat at Le Bistro Montage)

Honorable Mention:

Best News Story– Philippe Boutros, Hannah Gray  (Campus-wide alert leads to arrest)

Best (Features) Section– Roya Ghorbani-Elizeh, Laura Frazier, Rosemary Peters, Elizabeth Tertadian (Living/Feature section)  From hall director on The Bluff to cop on the street and likealittle:Online flirting captures UP)

Best Special Section– Rosemary Peters, Andy Matarrese, Staff  (75th Anniversary of The Beacon)


According to the ONPA, 17 Oregon collegiate newspapers submitted a total of 603 entries. Congratulations one and all!

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